A journey of 1000 miles starts with a healthy pair of legs.

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TryHealthier is a website devoted to providing well-researched, easy to read articles and tips on how an individual can keep their body, mind, and spirit healthy.

About the Founders

Vlad Cristea  – Hey there!

I am a web designer passionate about health&fitness.

I’ve started this website with my friend with a clear target in mind: To create high-quality content and add value by helping our audience better understand how their body works and fix their health issues.


Alina Baciu – Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am the mad genius that is attempting to brainwash you with interesting pieces of knowledge displayed in our

articles. But on a serious note, I am combining my knowledge of Medicine with my love for writing in an attempt to provide you with useful information.

I will attempt to bring you the highest quality of information through my articles and will tackle any interesting subject that will be thrown my way. 

Top Contributors

Ana Savu

Hello everyone. I am a nature lover and life enthusiastic psychologist, here to keep you up to date on how to hack your brain and achieve your goals.

Cristina Buraga

Hello everyone. I am a Make-Up Artist and Beauty Expert that will be bringing you tutorials and tips on how to cultivate and nourish both your inner and outer beauty.

Through videos and articles, I will share my expertise and knowledge with you. I am open to suggestions and requests. 


My name is Karen. I am very passionate about skincare. As someone with sensitive skin, I have been deeply involved in discovering high-quality skincare products and tanning lotions.

I run a blog where I share my findings, as well as articles on skin care tips and best tanning practices that my readers can learn from.

We love to partner with brands and other contributors. If that sounds like you, feel free to reach out!

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TryHealthier.com is here to provide you with cool tips on how to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy – in a way that is easy for anyone to understand . Enjoy our well researched articles with a pinch of the author’s twisted sense of humor.

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