A journey of 1000 miles starts with a healthy pair of legs.

The Guide to Quit Smoking

The Guide to Quit Smoking

The aim of the guide to quit smoking is to inform those that have the intention to quit on the…
ExpressChicken Noodle Soup

Express Chicken Noodle Soup

I present to you, a healthy version of express chicken noodle soup. By getting a rotisserie chicken we save time…
Mediterranean salmon

Mediterranean Salmon with Bulgur

This is a simple Mediterranean salmon dish, that is not only extremely easy to make, but also very beneficial for…
Strawberry Cheesecake Cloud

Strawberry Cheesecake Cloud

Now we all need to satisfy that sweet tooth from now and then. This bite size strawberry cheesecake cloud aims…
Bioactive Green Smoothie

Bioactive Green Smoothie

I present to you a creamy smoothie, packed with flavor and liquid health. The sweetness of the fruits will overpower…
Health Benefits on Intermittent Fasting

Health benefits on Intermittent Fasting

We humans are obsessed with food. It doesn’t matter what kind really, bio, fast-food, healthy, vegan and so on. It…
4 hugs a day

4 Hugs a Day Keep the Doctor Away!

4 Hugs a Day Keep the Doctor Away! Who doesn’t love to snuggle under the blanket with their significant other,…
vaping health hazard

The Vaping Health Hazard

I’m treading into dangerous territory today with this informative article. As I too am part of the cloud-chasing community, I…
Herbalife products review

Shocking Herbalife Products Review

We live in a funny world today. Funny because in our craze to live longer, healthier lives, we take the…
medical uses of tai chi chuan

Medical uses of Tai Chi Chuan

The hard pressing need to better ourselves often forces us into radical “push until you puke” workouts, cupboards filled with…

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