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Belly Button Fetish

Belly Button Fetish and Arousal


Each and every one of us has certain things they like and do not like when it comes to the bedroom department. It is a matter of preference, desire and sexual arousal. A certain sexual play that is considerably appreciated by people from all around the world is umbiliphilia or navel fetishism, more commonly known as belly button fetish. Studies have shown that is a common fetish, spread across all cultures.

Individuals that delight in their belly button fetish are sexually aroused by the human naval.  Even if one is not particularly attracted to the belly button, a great number of people have reported sexual arousal by receiving physical stimuli to the area.

Sexual arousal can be stirred in an individual by a utilizing various stimuli such as physical interactions with the belly button, visual cues such as belly dancing, and even auditory stimuli through keywords.


Arousal through Physical Stimulation of the Belly Button

For those with a belly button fetish, interacting with their partner’s navel can be equally as arousing as having their own played with. Though you would be surprised to know, that with the right kind of touch to the naval area, anyone can be sexually pleased.

The naval area is an extremely sensitive erogenous zone. By touching the belly button and the region right below with the tongue or finger can result in erotic sensations. Arousal can be obtained by licking, tickling, tracing along the area with a feather or flower. Another especially erotic touch is to gently blow air into and around the navel while lightly touching the surface with the lips.belly button fetish touch

Individuals can blend a sexual mood with activities that stimulate the naval area. One way of doing this is by pouring drops of chocolate, honey, champagne (or any topping of you liking) and then sucking it up or licking it off the area.

The purpose of this is to excite the nerve endings in the naval skin while bringing a sensual atmosphere into play. Similar results can be achieved by rubbing an ice cube over the belly button, or letting it rest into it and then melting it with the tongue.

Some people may prefer more intense teasing actions, or even inflicting slight levels of pain at the naval area. In these situations, you have to find what your partner likes. Some of these more invasive physical acts can include pulling or sucking the belly button out, dripping hot wax or oil into and around the belly button and lightly pricking the area with pins. These activities are usually directed at the partner, but some individuals get a significant level of arousal from playing a bit more roughly with their partner as well.


Arousal through Visual Stimuli

Simply viewing the belly button area can be a sexual trigger. From heterosexual man’s point of view seeing the exposed naval and surrounding area can be very attractive. It accentuates a woman’s waistline, her curves and brings out the beauty and fertility of a woman’s body.

The charm of the belly button has been used over the centuries to stir desire within men and women alike. Belly dancers, for example, will often pierce their belly button to make it more endearing and attractive when they perform. This has become a common practice for women all around the globe and has been regarded as an attractive feature.belly button fetish piercing

Simple visualization of the naval area can bring out sexual urges in men and women alike, for in our modern day it is a feature hidden away by regular clothes.

For those individuals with belly button fetish, simply thinking or fantasizing about performing physical acts to a person’s belly button is enough to obtain arousal and even sexual pleasure.

In present times videos that feature physical acts related to the umbilical area are common and very popular around the world. There are fetish models that are required to shoot entire videos of them stretching, poking and playing with their belly button. The desire for these videos is growing and their popularity can be compared to that of porn videos.

It just goes to show you that  belly button fetish is a worldwide phenomena, and can be part of anyone’s healthy sexual life

Speaking of visual stimuli, the color red is also known to help raise sexual perception and desire.


Sexual literary works and novels have been shown to stimulate and arouse women and men alike for ages. There are some works which sexually symbolize belly buttons, these can also act as a sexual trigger for those with a belly button fetish.

Jay Hahn-Lonne wrote Navel Revueby, an autobiography that studies a man’s naval fetish.  Poet May Swenson wrote in his poem “Little Lion Face”

 “Now I’m bold to touch your swollen neck, put careful lips to slick petals, snuff up gold pollen in your navel cup.”

and in the poem “August Night”

Your navel a little pool in pulsing tide an aura round your knees

In these works, the naval is seen as a sensual and beautiful adornment to a woman’s body. Reading these lines is enough to make any woman blush and man sigh.

A great number of erotic novels include vivid details about physical acts to the naval. It is part of the sexual act, and it has shown to arouse readers of various backgrounds and ages.


Belly Button Fetish “Porn” Magazine

In the 1970s you could find the “Belly Button Magazine”. Though the magazine was short-lived, releasing only two issues. It contained sexual images of physical acts to belly buttons and vivid descriptions of penetrating the naval.

Even more interesting, in 2011 there was a bellybutton series called: “NAVEL MANEUVERS 1: Bellybutton-Tickling Erotica”. While in 2014 “BELLYBUTTON FETISH: Erotic and naughty stories for bellybutton lovers” was a Kindle Erotica eBook released online on Amazon.

Needless to say, the world is well aware of the sexual aspects of the naval, and is keen to supply us with material to entertain our belly button fetish.


Author’s Note

The belly button is a very sensitive and delicate area that with proper handling can open the door to sexual pleasure and arousal for anyone, whether they have a belly button fetish or not. All you need is the right touch and a partner that is open and realizes the importance of foreplay, and the fact that our whole body can be just as sensitive as our genitalia.

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If you would like more details on the subject or if you have any questions, objections, hateful comments or highly deserved praises to offer please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Also, if you have a product that you would like me to review and research, I gladly welcome the challenge.

Research sources: isaidy , ncbi , poets.org .


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4 Responses

  1. I have a strong attraction to slender woman with firm flat stomachs. And the navel is the center of my attention to this region. As one of the more difficult areas to keep in shape, it’s usually a good indicator of how active and physically fit the owner is.
    My wife works out regularly and has a sexy flat belly to show for it. She has a gorgeous almond shaped navel with a little rim at the top. She also enjoys the attention I pay to it during lovemaking. I usually kiss and lick around her navel, then zero in and swirl my tongue inside. Sometimes I just tease around it, other times I start with pushing my tongue deep inside. I also finger it playfully when its exposed, which makes her smile and sometimes that leads to a lot more. She knows I like the feeling as well, so when she is going down on me, she usually stops at my navel and gives it a good licking for a minute or so.
    Before I married, in my first couple years in college I dated a lot of girls and always played with their navels. Most enjoyed it, but a couple did not. But even with the 2 girls I dated that didn’t like the feeling of my tongue in their navel, they did enjoy me kissing and licking around it.
    Not sure why, but there does seem like a reluctance to talk about it even among friends. Ass lovers, breast lovers, even foot lovers, seems to be accepted, but a navel lover?! Weirdo! Anyhow, my wife and I can talk about it together, and the best part is, my tongue and her navel are best friends.

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  3. Good article on navel pleasure. Positive , informative and should encourage more people to indulge, rather than hold taboo attitudes.

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