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VR Device That Restores Vision – eSight Glasses For The Legally Blind [MedKit]


Today on Medkit: eSight glasses for the blind, why is masturbation healthy for you? and testing out Grandma’s fizzy ash remedy for stomach pain.

eSight3 Virtual Reality glasses for restoring vision

The eSight glasses are actually a virtual reality headset designed to help those that are legally blind properly see again.



The device cannot restore vision to completely blind people.


Legally blind people are those that have a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in their better-seeing eye with the best conventional correction available. Basically, those that benefit from glasses but are still blind as a bat.

The VR headset uses two OLED displays and a high-speed HD camera. The video feed is then algorithmically processed and relayed to the displays. The esight glasses can enhance quality and contrast of the video feed, thus allowing users that suffer from various vision problems properly see the world around them. It is a fully portable device, that the user can control using an attached remote. The headset has about six hours of battery life.

The eSight also offers the user the ability to manually zoom in and out on items, however, it is ultimately designed to automatically focus. This feature allows users to transition with ease between near sight and long distance.

Now, these bad boys are available for purchase at whopping 10k $ a pop but the company is making efforts to make them more accessible to the general public.


Why is masturbation healthy for you?

In the old days, masturbation was heavily frowned upon, which led to some unsavory rumors including that it causes blindness, infertility and even hair in the palm of your hands. Fast forward to today when we have stopped believing everything that our priest says and you will find that 85% of men and 70% of woman worldwide are enjoying this activity.

During the act of masturbation pleasure and reward areas of the brain are stimulated thus reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. During an orgasm, endorphins are released. These endorphins are able to reduce the perception of pain, which works on everything from menstrual pain to headaches and toothaches.

For males, masturbation is especially healthy. Frequent ejaculation has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Masturbation also improves the quality of sperm. While frequent masturbation reduces the number of sperm, it ensures that young healthy sperm is constantly produced.

Regular masturbation can improve sexual performance. Both men and women have pelvic floor muscles that stretch from your tailbone to your pubic bone. As we age these muscles weaken and cause erectile dysfunction in men and sexual dysfunction in women. Not to fret, masturbation can activate a reflex that causes these muscles to contract and maintain optimal function levels.  Masturbation is basically a workout for your sex muscles.

Frequent masturbation also contributes to maintaining sexual drive and desire in both males and females.


Romanian Ash remedy for Stomach Pain

A Romanian folk remedy involves using ash, sodium bicarbonate, and vinegar to cure stomach pain.

The technique involves placing warm ash on the abdomen area. Not directly on the skin, on top of a cloth drenched in warm water. Then sodium bicarbonate mixed with vinegar is poured over the ash. The concoction is left on the patient for about 20 minutes.

This folk remedy claims to heal all kinds of digestive tract afflictions by absorbing all the harmful toxins right out of your body. While the remedy stems from pagan beliefs and traditions, it is still being used today to vexing results.

While there is no possible way in which toxins can somehow be sucked out of the body, using this method will gently warm the abdomen and this warmth can provide pain relief in certain circumstances such as menstrual pains, diarrhea, and indigestion.

Not bad grandma, not bad.

Author’s Note

If you enjoyed today’s Medkit like but missed the previous one, you can find it here: Beer Bath In The Name Of Beauty – Medkit.

Also, let us know in the comments bellow of any crazy or weird folk remedies from your part of the world and we will test them out!

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