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How To Hack Your Biology And Be In The Zone Every Single Day – MedKit


On today’s Medkit we discover how to be in the Zone every single day, uncover why we love cute things and learn how smart lenses can revolutionise the management of diabetes.


How to be in the Zone every single day

The Zone is when we achieve our best performance and when we do our best work. At one point or another, each and every one of us has aspired to open the doors to the Zone.

Now the zone is emotional and it requires your subconscious.be-in-the-zone-every-single-day

Yet, your subconscious cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality. An example of this is when you are experiencing a nightmare.

Your heart is racing, you’re sweating and you wake up shocked and afraid. You sometimes need a few moments to realise that what you feel is not actually real. Well for your brain it is.

Professional athletes and performers have found they can take advantage of this “shortcoming”  and use our immense mental power. This is achieved by forging a personalised and positive “I” statement that enables you to be in the zone every single day.


Why do we love cute things?

Well, my dears – It all has to do with the survival of the human species. We’re drawn to cuteness because of our inherited need to notice human babies.why-do-we-love-cute-things


Our addiction to cuteness makes us more likely to care for, interact with and defend babies. This inherited life insurance policy ensures that we will aid in their survival, so that they may continue the human species, and honestly that we don’t strangle them to death.


Smart Lenses can revolutionise the Management of Diabetes

In July 2014 Google signed a collaboration with a huge pharmaceutics company called Novartis to help bring their idea to life. It’s about launching the first smart contact lenses that can measure glucose levels in tears.smart lenses


You might think, why would I need a pair of contact lenses that monitor my glucose levels. Well, the answer is that you don’t ! Unless you suffer from a condition called diabetes, of course.

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