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Coconut Oil Recommendations

6 Medical Coconut Oil Recommendations


Virgin coconut oil has shown to have numerous beauty benefits, from moisturizing skin, improving nail aspect and health to providing strength and shine to your hair. Yet, there is more than meets the eyes with this wonder of nature. In this article I want to present to you medically researched coconut oil recommendations that you might not be so familiar with.


Coconut Oil Recommendations nr.1 – Improving Cardiovascular Health

An ambitious study looked to investigate the effect on human lipid profile of consuming extra virgin coconut oil in combination with a  nutritional treatment . For this study, 116 adults suffering from a coronary arterial disease were enlisted. For the first 3 months, all the participants underwent an intensive nutritional treatment, after which they were divided in 2 groups: a control diet group and a diet group that also consumed extra virgin coconut oil.Coconut Oil Recommendations

After the first stage of the treatment, all the participants showed a reduction in body weight and insulin concentrations.

After the 2nd phase of the study, the group that had consumed extra virgin coconut oil continued to lose body weight, but even more impressive, researchers found an increase in Apo A and HDL cholesterol levels.

This study clearly demonstrated that regular consumption of extra virgin coconut oil can have beneficial effects on an individual’s lipid profile.

More on the study can be found here.


Coconut Oil Recommendations nr. 2 – Healthy UV Protection

Even though sunscreens have been used to protect our bodies from harmful UV light, a large number of organic sunscreens can pass through the skin barrier, and exhibit toxic properties.

Coconut Oil Recommendations

Luckily the medical community have looked into finding safer and healthier alternatives for us. A study looked to research the UV blocking potential of coconut oil in combination with fruit and vegetable juices.

The oils and fruit juices showed to be less effective at blocking UV light than regular sunscreens on their own. Yet, a concoction containing 50% coconut oil and 50% purple carrot fruit juice powder showed very good UV-blocking capabilities.

If you are in the market for an organic sunscreen or if u prefer taking matters into your own hands, extra virgin coconut oil is an ingredient you should be on the hunt for.

More information on this study can be found here.


Coconut Oil Recommendations nr.3 – Improving Cognitive Function

Alzheimer’s disease is a growing worry for each individual in our day and age. Until today, no definitive cure has been found, and the world is in dire need of new therapies that can come to the aid of people suffering from this malady.Coconut Oil Recommendations


A very interesting study looked to observe if extra virgin coconut oil can influence in any way dementia brought on by Alzheimer’s disease. The participants were divided in a control group that received placebo, and a group that received 40 mL of extra virgin coconut oil a day.


The results clearly showed that the participants that received treatment with coconut oil had significant improvement in cognitive status. Although the results are promising, one must bear in mind that the effect is dependent on the degree of dementia and sex of the patient. While participants with more advanced form of dementia, as well males have also benefited from this treatment, it has been in a lesser degree than female participants and those suffering of mild dementia.

More on this study can be found here.


Coconut Oil Recommendations nr.4 – Healthy Adjuvant in Epilepsy Treatment

The medical world is slowly noticing that natural, high-fat diets are not as toxic as presumed, to take things a step further – they can actually provide solutions to diseases and conditions with which “traditional” pharmacological treatment has struggled.

Currently, researchers are studying the effect of diets high in ketogenic acids on medication resistant forms of epilepsy. In one study, a diet containing extra virgin coconut oil and soybean oil has been administered to rats that had an induced form of epilepsy.

The results showed that the rats undergoing the ketogenic diet had a significant reduction in seizure frequency, severity, and duration compared to the rats in the control group.

Although the research is still in its infancy, the results are encouraging and clearly show that ketogenic diets have neuroprotective effects.

More on this study can be found here.


Coconut Oil Recommendations nr.5 – Improving Glycemic Profiles

Now, coconut oil has been praised for the fact that it can help you lose weight and control your eating urges. While it is true that any product that is high in fat can curb hunger, consuming large amounts of any fat will actually help you gain weight. It is not one of those products that you can add to your diet without cutting something else out of it.

Coconut Oil Recommendations

Now that we’ve cleared that adding coconut oil to your diet will not magically make all your belly fat disappear, it is a very beneficial product to add to your daily diet.


A recent study on rats showed that virgin coconut oil can improve dyslipidemia and glucose metabolism. The rats that underwent a diet with coconut oil showed increased levels of GSH and antioxidant enzymes with led to a reduced incidence of fatty liver and hepatic damage compared to the control group.

The results demonstrated that adding coconut oil to a diet can reduce that incidence of developing insulin resistance.

More on the study can be found here.


Coconut Oil Recommendations nr.6 – Anti-microbial Properties


Virgin coconut oil has been used for a long time for treating infections. Numerous studies have proven its antimicrobial properties, and yet the actual mechanism has not been elucidated.

A modern theory considers that this antimicrobial effect is due to the capacity of medium-chain monoglycerides to modify the bacterial cell envelope. Due to their small size, these lipids can penetrate and disrupt the cell membrane, after which inhibiting the enzymes that contribute to the nutrient transfer and energy production within the cell of the microbe. This can lead to changes within the cell that can cause its impairment and even death.


Laboratory studies have shown virgin coconut oil to display antiseptic and antimicrobial properties against enveloped viruses and fungi. Coupled with its moisturizing properties, virgin coconut oil can be safely used topically to treat dermatitis and also protect wounds from infection.

More on the study can be found here.


Author’s Note

If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about other healthy food, you might enjoy reading about the Health Benefits of Noni Juice.

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