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How to get rid of Dark Circles

How to get rid of Dark Circles


Periorbital hyperpigmentation, more commonly known as dark circles, is a common cosmetic problem that affects humans from around the globe. It has a complex biological mechanism, it is challenging to treat, and more troubling is that there is no repeatable therapeutic option that can give us a straightforward answer on how to get rid of dark circles.

Dark circles are seen in all types of skin, yet they are more common among people of color worldwide. It can appear associated with a myriad of afflictions, such as: allergy, dermatitis, sleep disturbance, systemic disorders, even nutritional deficiencies. Thus before undergoing any cosmetic treatment for dark circles, make sure to consult with a medical specialist about the right course of treatment, and treating the underlying cause if one is present.

Periorbital dark circles progress over time, therefore management and treatment is recommended. Currently available treatment includes topical retinoid acid, bleaching creams, chemical peels, laser therapy, surgery, injectable filler and fat transplantation. I will progress on giving you an insight on some of the more exciting options out there on how to get rid of dark circles.


How to get rid of dark circles: Active Agents

Dark circles have two main possible causes. One is the accumulation of melanin (skin pigment) in the skin around the eyes and the second, accumulation of heme that resulted from minor blood leakage. The heme produced by minor blood leakage is highly cellular toxic, it increases inflammation and oxidation within the tissue.


Fucus Extracthow to get rid of dark circles - fucus

One study looked to treat dark circles by concentrating on the second possible cause. They evaluated the effects of Fucus extract on treating dark circles by using its antioxidative, anti-inflammatory properties and by stimulating the activity of heme oxygenase 1(enzyme that degrades free heme) and collagen.

Fucus extract was shown to stimulate the activity of heme oxygenase and thus promoting the degradation of toxic heme, therefore reducing the source of dark circles. Even better, the Fucus extract showed encouraging anti-inflammatory and antioxidation effects that can reduce wrinkles and eye bags.

It is a useful extract that can have high value in any creams or serums meant to treat dark circles. Nature may very well show us how to get rid of dark circles. You can access more information on this study here.


PPLAChow to get rid of dark circles - PPL

Another interesting approach to “how to get rid of dark circles?” was taken by evaluating the clinical effects of a Brazilian herbal associated compound (PPLAC). This compound has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant mechanisms that the researchers believe can be used to treat dark circles.

22 participants suffering from perioribital hyperpigmentation were instructed to apply to their periorbital area a serum containing 5.0% PPLAC twice per day for a period of 28 days.

The results showed that local treatment with PPLAC significantly improves skin tone and luminance in the area around the eyes in 90% of the participants. These findings were backed up decreased inflammation and increased antioxidant enzyme levels observed in the study’s in vitro results.

Now the precise mechanisms in which PPLAC works is still unknown, it has been proven to be a formidable candidate for treating and managing dark circles. More on the subject here.


Chemical Peel winning combination

Now I know chemical peel is not anything new or exciting, it has been a viable option for how to get rid of dark circles for many years. But I wanted to include it in the article for those that have thought about giving it a try. It is a viable treatment option, and I found a study using a particular mix of chemicals with which they have had outstanding results.

The study in question used a combination of lactic acid 15% and trichloroacetic 3.75%. A number of 30 participants with dark circles of all skin types participated in the study. They underwent chemical peeling for 4 weeks, one session per week.

93% of the physicians that participated in the study assessed significant improvements after 4 weeks of treatment. That number was topped by the 96.7% of the participants who were extremely happy with the results. The effects of the treatment lasted for at least 4-6 months in almost all of the participants.

If you’re interested in using this treatment method be sure to ask the help of a specialist physician that performs chemical peels. Always be aware that it can come with possible short-term side effects such as swelling, redness, dry skin, frosting, and telangiectasias(small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin). Keep in mind the treatment is not a definitive one, and always use sunscreen after treatment.


A healthier injection filler

Now I shall bring you a rather odd one on the how to get rid of dark circles predicament, but interesting nonetheless. A study looked to investigate if injecting platelet-rich plasma could be efficient for treating dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

10 participants were treated with a single session, in which they were injected in the periorital area skin with 1.5 mL of platelet rich plasma. They compared the color, melanin content, uniformity, wrinkle volume, hydration, tone of the skin at baseline with the results at 3 months after the treatment.

The results showed a significant improvement in color uniformity in the area around the eyes, yet the other parameters did not show impressive results. The first batch of tests look very promising for this particular treatment, but more studies are required with more injection sessions and a wider pool of participants. You can find more on this study here.


Innovative treatment method

I’m putting all my money that microneedling is the answer of the future to how to get rid of dark circles.

Microneedling works by stimulating the formation of new collagen fibers and blood vessels due to a release of growth factors, effects achieved through the piercing of the first layer of skin. The use of micro-needling devices has previously been described for the effective management of scars, skin laxity, wrinkles and pigmented post-acne scars.how to get rid of dark circles - dermafrac

DermaFrac™ combines different technologies in order to deliver an improved infusion of topical serums and skin microinjury. It involves rolling a hand-piece with various tip caps on the skin, which pulls the skin under vacuum into contact with hundreds of microneedles that penetrate the skin while simultaneously diffusing anti-aging solution into the area.

The treatment improves hydration, stimulates the formation of new elastin and collagen fibers in the skin. This results in a thickening of the skin that reduced the visibility of the congested blood vessels and skin pigmentation. Also, this method allows for a better penetration of the skin by serums and their active components, thus further improving the aspect of eye dark circles and other aging skin signs.

This is a new and safe technique for treating cosmetical conditions. It requires no downtime, and the procedure is comfortable, no side effects have been reported. Of course, as with all new and innovative procedures, it requires more testing. Yet so far, it looks to be a great answer for how to get rid of dark circles and a large array of other cosmetic troubles. You can access more on the study here.


Author’s Note

Dark circles can occur in those of young and old age, and yet developing dark circles at any age can be troubling for anyone. No one wants to appear sad, stressed, tired, old or on crack, no matter their age, race or gender.

There are many options on how to get rid of dark circles; whether they are home-made, pharmaceutical or surgical, matter less. What matters is that it is right for you. Pick an option, get the medical advice you need in order to begin treatment and then stick with it.

If you would like more details on the subject or if you have any questions, objections, hateful comments or highly deserved praises to offer please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Also if you have a product that you would like me to review and research, I gladly welcome the challenge.

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