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Charcoal Mask DIY


Activated charcoal adsorbs numerous harmful substances by trapping it in the porous surface. It is not metabolized absorbed or adsorbed by the body, but it is excreted together with the harmful substances that it has trapped. When applied on the surface of the skin it draws in chemicals, bacteria, dirt, oils making this Charcoal Mask DIY idea a perfect way to fight acne and other skin imperfections.


Skin benefits of Charcoal Mask DIY

Balancing oily skin

Charcoal activated cleansing products such as the Charcoal Mask DIY, are extremely efficient at getting rid of any excess oils from the skin. However, make sure to use such products only once or twice a week as it can over-dry the skin.

Treat acne
Charcoal Mask DIY can heal treat some types of acne, depending on how severe it is and what is causing it. If provides exfoliating while adsorbing bacteria, oils and toxins from your skin that could be causing you to break out. You can also use it only on blemishes and areas of the face you have acne if you’re not too eager to apply it to the whole face.

Make pores smaller and cleaner
Charcoal Mask DIY helps pull out dirt and toxins that have accumulated in your pores over the day. It will leave your face refreshed and make your pores less visible.

Soothing skin irritations
Activated charcoal can help speed the healing process and reduce pain and swelling. It can also help heal small cuts and insect bites by quickly adsorbing toxin and bacteria. For such problems simply add water to the charcoal and create a paste, then add it to the afflicted skin area.


 Author’s Note

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