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Why do we yawn and why is yawning contagious? – MedKit


The 3 subjects on today’s Medkit are: Why do we yawn and why is yawning contagious? FoodScanners, and last but definitely not least How to determine your skin type.

Food Scanners

Ladies and gentlemen meet the DietSensor: an app accompanied by the SCiO scanner that allows you to know the calories, fat content, carbohydrate breakdown, and protein in everything you eat – with just a quick point of the device.

The scanner uses infrared spectroscopy, to analyze the molecular content of foods that have the same texture. It works on store bought and homemade foods, as well as alcohol.

Why do we yawn and why is yawning contagious?

Well, yawning is basically a system through which we regulate the temperature of our brain. It essentially serves as a cooling mechanism for the brain.


why is yawning contagious

We yawn most often when it’s almost bedtime or right as we wake up because it is when our brain and body temperatures are at their highest point.


As to why is yawning contagious, well that is because of our brain’s mimicry and ability to empathize with our peers. Just as laughter and crying trigger feelings of happiness or sadness – we see a yawn, we yawn.


How to determine your skin type?

First things first, gently clean your face and pat it dry. This will give your skin a fresh start. Avoid being too rough during the wash and do not apply any products whatsoever on your face.

The second step – let your skin rest for an hour. During this time, your skin will return to its normal state. Act normal and, please, for goodness sakes whatever you do – don’t touch your face.

And lastly, using a clean paper tissue, lightly dab your face.

Now, If the tissue is completely clear, and your skin feels soft and subtle – Congratulations! –  you have normal skin and millions of people out there hate you!

If there are skin flakes on the tissue you have dry skin. if the tissue has oily spots on it, you have oily skin. If the tissue has oily spots in the areas of your T-zone and normal or dry skin sign everywhere else – you have combination skin.

Author’s Note

If you enjoyed this episode of Medkit and would like to see more, you can access the previous episode here Acupressure points for weight loss – Medkit.

Also, if you have any questions, objections, hateful comments or praises to offer please do not hesitate to leave a comment down bellow.

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