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The 3 subjects on today’s Medkit are The mirror that aims to fix your skin problems. Why do humans Dance? and at home Acupressure Points for Weight Loss.

The HiMirror

The HiMirror is an interactive touchscreen mirror that is equipped with a high-resolution camera and comes with technology that analyses your complexion.

You start off by taking a makeup-free photo so that the mirror can detect any red spots, dark spots, dark eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles. After this, it evaluates the overall healthiness of your skin, including brightness, firmness, texture and clarity.  Based on this information is makes recommendations on what beauty products you should be using to improve your skin.


Why do humans dance?

Evolution- wise, we came up with 3 main reasons, so far:Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

  • Dance serves as a demonstration of sexual fitness or gene fitness. Someone who is good at dancing shows coordination, body symmetry, lack of illness and resistance to infectious diseases.
  • Couples dance in an embrace that adds a component of intimacy that is essentially a consensual extended hug that leads to the release of juicy oxytocin, the pleasure or “love hormone”
  • Dance for larger groups represents a bonding experience, evoking sentiments of understanding and has been used since homo errectus to signal unity and rally individuals towards a common cause.


Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

The 6 main Acupressure Points for Weight Loss are:

Ear point or the auricular pressure point. To locate this point, trace both sides of your jaw using 2 fingers. While moving your jaw up and down, move your fingers along the line until you find the point where your jaw presents its maximum movement. This point is roughly situated in front of your ear. Massage and apply pressure on this point for 1 to 3 minutes.

Abdomen point. This is found 3 cm under the belly button. Using 2 fingers slowly massage the point, then press down on the point for 2 minutes. Resume with another light massage. This pressure point should be massaged twice daily.

Abdominal sorrow point. This point can be found by tracing a line from the earlobe, right under the last rib, basically at the front of your ribcage. Lightly massage this point and then apply pressure for 5 minutes daily.

Knee point: This pressure point is situated 5 cm below the knee cap, on the external part of the leg. To accurately find this pressure point put 1 finger on your shin bone then move it to the exterior of your leg by 1 finger width place. Move the finger down by a hand’s width. To test that you have found the right spot, move your leg up and down. With your finger, you should be able to feel the muscle move. Press on this point for 1-2 minutes.

Ankle point: The point is situated on the inner part of your leg roughly 5cm above the ankle. Using your thumb massage this point and then apply pressure for 1 minute.

Elbow point: You can find the pressure point on the inner side of your elbow crease, about a thumb width from the elbow joint. Apply pressure on this point for 1 minute on each arm daily.

Author’s Note

If you enjoyed this episode of Medkit and would like to see more, you can access the previous episode here How To Hack Your Biology And Be In The Zone Every Single Day – MedKit.

Also, let us know in the comments bellow of any crazy or weird folk remedies from your part of the world and we will test them out!

Note: We have made a more detailed article on acupressure points for weight loss in which we explain this subject further with more details.

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